Three Ways to Protect Your Replacement Windows this Winter

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutThis coming winter could be extremely cold, snowy, and difficult to manage. We hear that almost every single year in Canada, but this year might be a bit different. There are certain weather patterns that have developed down south that may impact just how tough winter could be for us. As a result, you want to make sure your home is protected and any drafts or other issues are minimized.

You may have purchased replacement windows recently or are about to. Whatever the case may be, it’s a good idea you take some time to properly protect them not just now but during the winter months ahead.

Here are three ways you can help protect your replacement windows and keep them functioning and protecting you as well as possible.

1. Keep them clean.

If you neglect the cleanliness of anything in your home, it’s not going to function as well in the future. It might not be noticeable this winter or next year, but over time a lack of cleanliness of those windows will lead to more difficulty opening and closing them, broken down hardware, and a less appealing look.

2. Pay attention to ice.

Keep an eye on the ice the forms outside your house. Walk around your house every couple of days, at least. It’s even more important when the daytime temperatures get above freezing. When the sun sets, all of that moisture that began melting is going to refreeze.

If you notice ice jams, icicles, or other frozen precipitation getting bunched up or backed up anywhere around your windows, take some time to chip away or remove it as efficiently as possible.

3. Use interior shutters.

During the winter you and your family are going to spend a lot more time indoors. If you have kids, flying balls, toys, and other debris can put your windows at risk. Considering wood shutters is a great way to help protect them. It’s a lot more effective than using curtains, drapes, or cheap blinds. It can also add another layer of protection and insulation against draftiness.