The Difference is Amazing

Great energy saving windowsStandard glass will permit your home to gain heat in the summer and lose heat in thewinter, making energy consumption less efficient and expensive. EnerView adds a LoE (lowemissivity) coating to improve the insulating value of your windows by nearly 40%. OurEnerView glass is produced with a patented LoE coating technology which filters out heat from the sun in the summer and allows the sun’s natural energy in during the winter.The result: Year-round comfort.

IN WINTER, the higher the indoor glass temperature of your window, the greater your comfort. A LoE treated window will feel warmer to the touch because it prevents interior heat from escaping by reflecting it back into the room.

IN SUMMER, LoE glass filters out the heat from the sun, helping to keep your home cooler.

WINDOW CONDENSATION is a problem that not only obstructs visibility but can stain and deteriorate window finishes. This can create a breeding ground for mould, mildew and other allergens. Condensation occurs when the moisture present in theair inside your home changes from vapour to water on contact with a colder window surface. EnerView’s LoE coating helps to increase the interior temperature of the glass, thus increasing resistance to condensation.

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Is it Magic?

How Enerview LoE Glass Works… 

The heat generated inside your home is known as Long Wave Radiation. This type of useful radiation should be contained in each room as best as possible, while UV rays and other unwanted radiation from the sun should be shielded and reflected back outside. EnerView’s LoE glass achieves this by significantly improving the insulating value of your windows.

Super Spacer Double Pane LoE Glass

Advanced Non-Metal Spacer for Greater Comfort

A Spacer is the component that separates and seals the layers of glass. Its purpose is to insulate your windows and help maintain an ideal temperature inside your home. Our Super Spacer is made of the world’s finest 100% polymer foam, non-metal technology. The foam matrix is breathable and works fast to absorb moisture and reduce condensation. Our Spacers outperform those from our competitors in the industry’s toughest durability tests, including the P1 Chamber test – lasting a simulated 90 years!*

Other Benefits of Advanced Edge Technology

  • Quieter home: The durable acrylic bond reduces sound transfer by up to 18%
  • Extremely durable: Outperforms metal spacers against wind, temperature fluctuations, rain, snow, and UV light
  • Reduces condensation: Warmer inside glass temperature reduces condensation which can lead to mould and mildew.
  • Keeps warmth in: Superior all-foam construction blocks heat inside the home from escaping