Now’s the Time to Detect Drafty Windows

check for leaking windowsLiving in this part of the world winter is a way of life. Every year, though, it seems to get more and more expensive to heat your home. You turn your thermostat down slightly every single year, bundle up, keep more blankets around, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. You’re paying more every single month to heat your home.

It might be due to nothing more than the increasing cost of fuel and other energy. It could also be drafty windows.

During the heart of winter, when the daytime highs never get above freezing and the nighttime lows are brutally cold, you might feel a draft pushing through or around some of your windows. Every single draft you feel in those moments of extreme cold is money just being sucked right out of the house, out of your wallet, and out of your bank account.

Some people forget all about drafts when they don’t feel them. Then, suddenly, when winter finally arrives in its full glory, they scramble to try and remedy the situation. They try to use draft dodgers on the doors, plastic over the windows, and whatever else they can to minimize the impact those drafts will have.

Now is the time to begin detecting drafts. The temperature might not be cold enough outside to really get a true sense of what’s going on. That’s where an energy audit could be a great asset.

You can call some window and door companies or energy audit experts to come out to your home and with special equipment they can detect where there is pressure lost within your house. Wherever they find pressure loss they will find where heat escapes from your home.

If you notice your windows, overall, are drafty, it’s time to consider replacement windows instead. A little investment now could actually help you save money every single month during the winter for 10, 15, or even more years into the future.