Wood vs. Vinyl Windows: Which One’s Best for Your Home?

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Window and Door Company before any PurchaseYou’ve finally made the decision to purchase replacement windows for your home. Now you’re trying to decide between wood and vinyl windows.

Which one is best?

For the most part, it comes down to a matter of preference. As for energy efficiency, some people honestly believe natural wood windows are actually slightly more energy-efficient because they can block out more cold air from pressing through. However, thanks to advancements in insulation technology, some of those vinyl windows can actually do a pretty good job at cutting down on the cold air pressing into your home.

One key advantage of wood windows over vinyl is that they can be painted over and over again. You can change the color of your window frames from white to beige, from light blue to pink, and just about any color you want. It’s a great way to help inspire creativity with regard to interior decor and design.

So what are the advantages to vinyl windows?

Durability is one of them. If you have a leak or some other issue, wood windows are going to rot. Vinyl windows won’t. Vinyl windows are also believed to last quite a bit longer than natural wood windows. However, wood windows do look incredible in your home, especially when you invest in high quality ones.

Ultimately, it comes down to the design.

Every manufacturer is different, even though the basic structure of windows for your home are the same. What you should consider is the quality of the windows themselves, how they are sealed and insulated, and how their energy efficiency rating stacks up to other windows on the market.

The best first step is to visit a window and door company to see the products they have available. When you can actually see the difference between wood and vinyl windows, compare the costs and other benefits of each, it will help you make a wise and reasoned decision that’s perfect for you, your budget, and your family.