Prepping Your Home’s Windows for Winter

check for energy effiencyNot only should you have your home heating system inspected and maintained, you should also make sure important components of your house are ready for the upcoming winter season.

Your windows are an important consideration.

You should make sure the windows in your house are ready for the upcoming winter season. You might use a plastic sealant to place over some of your windows to help reduce drafts, but if you notice drafts to such an extent that you need these sealants, you might want to consider replacement windows.

In the meantime, here are a few things you might want to consider doing to help prepare your home, and the windows, for the winter season fast approaching.

First, check their functionality.

Are your windows opening and closing easily? Why would this be important? We could still have some warmer days this month. Even in December, January, and February there can be times when we have some relatively mild conditions.

It’s great to be able to open your windows and enjoy the fresh air for a change during winter. If your windows are old, have a tendency to get stuck, and may be difficult to close, you might be less inclined to open them on those warmer afternoons.

Check the seal.

Make sure the seal is tight on your windows. If there appears to be any damage or it’s worn down to the point where you can feel drafts, even on nights when it’s not that cold outside, just imagine how drafty it will be during the heart of winter.

Make sure they’re clean.

Now is a great time to clean your windows. After that hot, humid summer, your windows could use a thorough cleaning, not just on the glass but all around the exterior portion.

Now is the best time to get your windows ready for winter. It’s also a great time to consider replacement windows for your home.