Tips to Help You Get Your Home’s Windows in Great Condition for Summer

Summer is just around the corner and even though it may feel like it’s never going to get here, as though the winter is never going to let go, it will. You want your home looking its best, and no matter how old your windows are, there may be a few tricks you can pull from out of your sleeve to get them looking incredible.

Keep in mind, not all windows can be saved.

You may have etched and pitted windows. Over time, if dust sits on the glass and the sun bakes it for days and days, it’s going to create a problem where you won’t be able to clean those windows completely. If that’s the case, now may be the time to consider replacement windows for your entire house.

A small investment now could make a world of difference in not just the enjoyment of living at home, especially during the summer, but in how easy it is to open and close those windows to allow fresh air throughout your house.

Now, as far some tips, consider these:

Tip #1: Use water and vinegar.

Use one part water and one part vinegar as a solution. You can also use a high quality window cleaner you can purchase from a local store, and it will probably have ammonia in it.

Tip #2: Use newspapers instead of paper towel.

Newspaper has a great ability to clean the glass without causing a great deal of streaking. You may have some residual paper as it gets wet getting left behind, but when it dries you can simply brush it off with a duster.

Tip #3: Use a brand-new razor blade.

Use a razor blade, by itself, if you need to push back some paint or other residue, even some stubborn dirt that may have gotten on the glass surface.

If these tips don’t help restore the condition of your windows, it’s time to consider replacement windows.