3 Reasons So Many Homeowner’s Get New Windows in the Spring

There are plenty of great reasons to consider new replacement windows for your home. This spring, you may be relieved that winter is finally over. The warmer weather is inspiring you to open your windows and allow fresh air throughout your house.

However, those windows may also be inspiring you to keep the blinds and drapes closed. You just don’t want to see them.

If you have been kicking around the idea of possibly replacing at least some of the windows in your house, here are three great reasons why now would be a wonderful time to do so.

Reason #1: Winter was tough.

Even though this past winter may have spared us some of the worst that winter could have brought, it was still tough. You had to keep your windows and doors closed most of the time. It got depressing, the indoor air quality in your house diminished, and you just couldn’t wait to enjoy some nice, warmer, fresh air.

Reason #2: Springs sunlight is exposing the filth on your windows.

When you begin opening those blinds and curtains and allowing the glorious sunshine to pour into your house, it’s going to expose your windows for the condition they are in.

The older your windows are, the more likely they will be etched and pitted. You’ll also notice dirt that has been kicked onto the glass surface that no amount of scrubbing is going to remove.

Reason #3: You want a ‘fresh’ start for summer.

When you want to start summer off on the right foot, when you want to improve the indoor feel and look and appearance of your home, even improving the curb appeal of your house, choosing replacement windows and doors is a highly effective way to do that.

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