Did You Know…

  • There are over 2000 window manufacturers in Canada, but to date less than 30 are certified by Window Wise? Platinum Home Design & Renovations is one of those select few.
  • More the 75% of the vinyl window manufacturers in Canada do not test their windows according to government standards for air infiltration, water leakage and strength.

  • There are literally thousands of contractors and renovators in Canadaand most of them haven’t been properly trained to install windows?

So Who Do You Trust?

Platinum Home Design and Renovations is part of the Window Wise Certification program that independently certifies and audits the window, the installation, and the contractor, and unconditionally guarantees your window installation for 5 years.

Window Wise is a replacement window quality assurance program designed to give homeowners peace of mind that investing in window replacement will be a lasting one. We approve window replacement manufacturers and certify window installation contractors.