Is That Old Side Door Really a Liability?

check for energy effiencyYou and the rest of your family have a tendency to use that side door at your house as your primary entry point. That side door that is just next to your garage or comes through your kitchen is the main entry point since it’s more convenient.

It is old. It has seen a lot of use through the years. A lot of boots have kicked it open or tapped the snow off their feet.

Over time, regular wear and tear is going to break down any door, whether it’s a gorgeous ornate front door or sliding glass patio door. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider replacement doors every once in a while.

How long should doors last?

The average door with regular use should be able to see between 15 and 20 years of use before it becomes a liability. The cheaper the door is, the quicker it will probably break down. The cheaper the door is, the more of a liability it becomes.

So yes, that old side door is probably a liability.

How is it a liability? If somebody is looking to break into your house, do you think they’re going to your front door? Probably not. This is especially true if you have a solid front door with steel plates around the locking mechanisms and door handles.

Will they go to your sliding glass patio door? They might, but it’s a lot more difficult to break that open aside from smashing the glass and smashing the glass can draw a lot of unwanted attention.

So, they will probably focus on that side door. If it is loose, cheap, and doesn’t provide very much security, a simple bar, like a crowbar, can probably pop that off the door frame quickly.

Now is the time to consider a replacement door for the security and safety of your home, possessions, and family.