Weather-stripping for Doors and Windows: Why It’s a Good Idea

weatherstripping on door frameYou may have heard about the term weather stripping, especially if you own a home in Toronto. If you’ve never heard about this term, it is important to know, especially when winter rolls around.

Weather stripping is most commonly applied to doors, but it can also be applied to certain windows, especially windows such as casement windows that open along a hinge and may have a gap between the window frame and the housing frame.

Around doors, weather stripping is most commonly used alongside the bottom of the door itself. The weather stripping for doors helps to block out drafts along these sections.

Some people rely on what are called “draft dodgers” to keep drafts from slipping under their exterior entry doors, but this is not only ineffective for the most part, when you head out for the day, it is virtually impossible to put that material up against the door to keep drafts from getting into your home.

Weather stripping affixes to either the door frame or the door itself. That means whenever you close the door, the weather stripping will make a tight seal against the cold trying to get into your home.

Weather stripping is also important as a way to keep out rain and other moisture, such as snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Weather stripping is commonly applied to windows as well as doors.

When you get brand new replacement windows installed in your Toronto home, you may not think about weather stripping as an option. That is because you may be focused on energy efficient windows and assume that is all you need. However, depending on the exterior layout of your home, you may benefit by adding weather stripping to some if not all of your windows.

For doors, any time you replace an entry door, whether it is a front door, side door, patio door, or even the door between your garage and your house, consider adding weather stripping. This will help to keep some of the cold air out during the winter and that can save you a considerable amount of money throughout the season.