Steps to Take when You Have Trouble Installing Brand New Windows Yourself

install_01You purchased brand new windows for your Toronto home and decided that you were going to save some money by installing them yourself. You’ve had plenty of experience doing various home improvement projects around the house, so you figured that this was just one more simple thing that you could take on.

After all, how difficult can it truly be to remove the old windows and inset a new one, especially if you just chose the same size and style of the old windows?

What you discover is that it can be quite a complicated matter. The first window that you work on might be one that is easily accessible from both the outside and inside of the house. You remove the molding around the window from inside, then carefully draw back the flashing on the outside. You remove any insulation that was stuffed between the window and the wood framework of the walls. Taking a saws-all, you cut the nails or screws and remove the window.

Now the fun begins. You set the new window in place, but you’re not sure what’s wrong. It either won’t align the way that you had expected it to, or you’re not entirely sure how to secure it to the frame.

When you are talking about installing brand new replacement windows, there are many different aspects that can complicate installation. Even if you end up with the same exact rough opening size window, that doesn’t mean they will simply slip into place and be secured easily.

These new windows may have drainage properties that require special placement against the exterior part of the house. They will certainly need to be installed level in order to ensure proper function.

If you have a problem, you could call the company where you purchased the windows and hope that they can answer your questions. However, most of the salespeople are not fully experienced with installation and their installers (if they have on-site installers) will likely be out on other jobs and unable to answer your questions.

The best thing to do is hire professional installers. It’s not worth taking the risk of something going wrong and the window being damaged or not functioning properly as a result.