Discarding Old Windows when the New Ones Are Installed

dispose of old windowsWhen you have replacement windows installed in your Toronto home, you will likely have a choice about what to do with your old windows. If you purchase your brand new replacement windows from a qualified window expert, they will usually provide you with an experienced installer who will also take your old windows away.

However, you may decide that you are going to install the windows yourself or hire an independent contractor. Just make sure that if you hire someone else, they are not only qualified to install the windows that you purchase, but that it won’t put the warranty in jeopardy of those brand new windows.

Let us explain. When you purchase new windows, the manufacturer may have specific requirements with regard to installation. They may certify certain installers to do the work at the customer’s home. If the homeowner does not use a certified installer, and if something is wrong with the window or goes wrong with the installation, or they do not install those windows properly and they don’t function as they’re supposed to, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty as a result.

Even knowing this, maybe you decide to try to save some money by hiring an independent contractor or doing the work yourself. You still need to take into account discarding those old windows. A single double hung window can weigh 20 to 30 kg or more. When you consider that the average home in Toronto has 14 windows, that is a significant amount of weight that you have to deal with. You cannot just discard these windows in your regular trash. You will have to dispose of them properly and in an environmentally safe way.

Another issue with regard to discarding old windows is that if you store them outside and if they get broken, then someone could become injured by the shards of glass. This could become a liability that isn’t necessary.

It’s best to have your old windows taken away by the professional installer from the company where you purchased your replacement windows, such as Platinum Windows and Doors.