Minimizing Heat Loss during Window Installation

install_01Having brand new replacement windows installed in your Toronto home during late autumn and winter will mean that there will be openings in your house during the time that the windows are installed. Many customers ask questions about how much heat loss they’re going to experience, how long it will take, and what they can do to help reduce the amount of heat they will lose during the window installation process.

Experienced window installers will generally take approximately one to two days to completely replace all of the windows in the average Toronto home. The average home will have about 14 windows. These could vary in size, but most commonly are average, double hung style windows. There may be a picture or bow window that needs to be replaced and that will take a little bit more time than a basic double hung window.

As for concerns regarding heat loss during the winter, these experienced installers will only work on one window at a time. Most often they will work from the outside of the house, but depending on the situation it may be easier for them to work from inside of your home. Either way, it is best to make sure that they have easy access to the window itself. That means moving furniture may be the best thing to do.

You can also request that they close the door to the room that they’re working on and keep it sealed so that you don’t lose heat from the rest of your house during the time of the installation of those particular windows.

Putting up plastic sheeting is not suggested. This will only complicate the installation and cause it to take longer than it should. Once you have windows installed in your home, you will realize that the amount of heat you lose during that period of time is minor compared to how much you are going to save, especially if you choose highly energy efficient windows to replace them.