5 Tips to Ensure Your Windows Are as Energy Efficient as Possible

check for energy effiencyWhether you are planning on purchasing brand new replacement windows for your Toronto home or have chosen to stick with the windows you have right now, there are several things you can do that can improve energy efficiency.

Keep in mind that whatever you do to make your windows more energy efficient for the upcoming winter season, its impact is going to be extremely limited when compared to purchasing brand new replacement windows that have optimal energy efficiency built into them from the beginning.

1. Make sure that all hardware works properly.

The older the windows get, the more likely it is that the window hardware will begin to fail. If it is not sealing the window properly, then cold air will likely get into your home on a consistent basis. If you have hardware that can be replaced, and it is not sealing the window properly, make sure that you replace it as soon as possible.

2. Check for drafts around the exterior of the window frame.

When windows are installed, regardless of whether it is during the home’s construction or when you had replacement windows installed, the installation expert may have cut corners and not insulated properly. If insulation is not in place around the exterior of the window frame, you could feel these drafts coming through around the molding of the window.

Address these issues and have them fixed as soon as possible.

3. Replace any cracked glass.

If the window is cracked, cold air is going to get through. Even if it is a double glazed window, that crack compromises the vacuum seal between the two panes of glass. Make sure to have the broken glass replaced and the air between those panes vacuum sealed.

4. Have your windows checked for the vacuum seal.

If you have double glazed windows, you want to make sure that the seal between the layers of glass is still vacuum sealed. Over time, the seal can fail. If it does, then it is going to be far less effective at keeping the cold air out.

If you place your hand on the inside pane of glass and you feel the cold air from outside, then the seal has likely failed.

5. Seriously consider replacement windows.

It may not seem like an expense that you need, considering the fact that you have windows in your home right now, but when you realize that you can increase energy efficiency by up to 80 percent by investing in quality replacement windows today, it is easy to see that they would pay for themselves in a matter of years with just the amount of money would save on heating your home during the winter.