Impact Resistant Windows: Do they Benefit the Toronto Homeowner?

impact resistant windowsIf you are searching for replacement windows for your Toronto home, you may come across some companies that offer impact resistant windows and doors. These are windows that can resist a significant amount of force. Make no mistake, they will break. The main difference between impact resistant windows and regular windows is that they won’t shatter.

This can be beneficial for homes that are situated in potentially dangerous areas, such as hurricane prone areas or tornado alley in the United States. In Toronto, we don’t see the significant severe weather that other regions of the world have on a regular basis.

That doesn’t mean that you should discount impact resistant windows altogether. They can be beneficial in helping to keep your home safe from potential burglars. When somebody is trying to gain access in your home, they will likely try to get through an open door or some door that you forgot to lock. If they don’t have easy access this way, they will generally try to break a window and slipped inside. Breaking an impact resistant window will prove to be almost fruitless.

An impact resistant window can be broken eventually, if the person trying to gain entry uses enough force and is persistent enough. However, these windows will usually deter potential thieves after they strike the glass and realize what they are.

Whether or not you decide that impact resistant windows are ideal for your Toronto home will be a matter of personal preference. The investment that you need to make will be much greater for these type of windows than for regular replacement windows. You should also speak to your homeowner’s insurance policy provider to find out whether you might be able to gain some savings on your insurance policy as a result of getting impact resistant windows and doors installed.

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