3 Reasons Replacement Windows differ from Brand New Windows

Venetian Series Blinds
Venetian Series Blinds

Considering replacement windows for your Toronto area home can offer you an incredible opportunity to not only increase the energy efficiency of your house, but also boost its comfort and value.

Replacement windows are not the same as windows that were installed when the house was first built. There are a few key issues that differentiate replacement windows from brand new windows.

The window size.

For new home constructions, stock size windows are what are generally used. Depending on the home builder, the company may choose to use some of the cheapest possible windows in order to save money. These stock sizes can limit you if you are focused on replacing your old windows with the same size windows.

Replacement windows can offer you an opportunity to get much better quality windows as well as completely changing the size of the window. Replacement windows are also generally manufactured to fit existing openings. That doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same size windows.

Energy efficiency.

While brand new windows can certainly be energy efficient, as we noted, home builders are not inclined to include the highest quality products in the house. Their focus is maximizing their profit and that can often lead to cutting corners when it comes to the windows.

Replacement windows provide you an opportunity to boost energy efficiency by up to over 80 percent over single plane glass.


Lower maintenance and easier to operate windows typically categorize replacement windows today. If you have a home that was built 15, 20, or more years ago, you will immediately notice the significant difference between today’s replacement windows and the windows that were new when your house was first built.

On average, windows will last approximately 15 to 20+ years. After that, it is a good idea to consider replacing them. Think about this type of project as a home improvement project and make the right investment in the replacement windows you choose.