Tips for Cleaning Your Home’s Windows for the Summer Season Ahead

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutIt’s just about summer and that means you want your home looking its best. You’re likely going to be throwing open the windows, enjoying fresh air moving throughout your home, entertaining guests, and spending quite a bit more time outdoors.

You’re also going to be noticing a lot more direct sunlight penetrating into your house, not just in the morning, but during the afternoon and evening hours as well. That also means blotches, dirt, smudges, and more are going to be much more visible during these summer months.

That is what usually inspires people to get cleaning those windows as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips that can make the process a bit easier.

Tip #1: Use newspapers.

You may have newspapers piling up that you’re planning to recycle, but they can be great for cleaning windows.

In fact, using newspaper to clean glass is far better than paper towels. It prevents streaking and helps make those windows shine even more than you thought possible.

Tip #2: Make your own window cleaning solution.

Using ammonia, white vinegar, and water, you can create your own cleaning solution that is just as effective and powerful, even more so, then the store-bought stuff.

Tip #3: Clean the outside part of the windows at first.

If you start cleaning the inside portion of the windows first, you might run out of time or energy before you even get to consider cleaning outside. However, it’s the outside part of window that needs the most attention.

That’s because dirt and dust will collect on the glass and when it’s exposed to sunlight, it can cook onto the glass itself, making it extremely difficult to get off. If you have help, use it, but make sure any ladders you use to get up to those upper-level windows is secure and safe.

By following these tips, it should help you get your windows looking their best for the summer season ahead.