Bay Window Shutters Offer More Than Just Convenience

make a room feel bigger
Bay Windows

When a lot of other homeowners discover the benefits of bay windows and decide to replace their old picture windows with a gorgeous looking model, they realize it’s more than just appearance or convenience.

There’s a great deal of convenience in relying on bay windows as opposed to picture or double hung windows. Double hung windows are certainly easy to open and close, but they don’t offer the aesthetic appeal that other styles can offer.

Compared to picture windows, bay windows allow you to open the angled windows that move out away from the house to allow fresh air to flow throughout the room and the rest of your home. That’s a great convenience, but it also allows the homeowner to create the illusion of more space in the room.

Bay and bow windows, because of the nature of these windows and how they expand away from the house, creates the appearance of more space and room in the home. That can be a great benefit, especially for smaller rooms.

This also allows the homeowner to be more creative with their interior decor. Instead of using curtains or blinds, if they use wood shutters they can control light and privacy while also enjoying a great looking presence with regard to their window.

On the ledge created by the bay or bow window, they can add mementos, trinkets, and other items like plants. It can be an extra shelf that hadn’t existed there before.

If you’re looking at replacing some or all of the windows in your home, you can choose bay or bow windows to replace the traditional, outdated picture window, double hung windows, casement windows, or even create an entirely new window in a wall that doesn’t currently have one.

You can also expand the size of your windows to take advantage of the great view that exists outside. It’s all up to you when you make the right investment in your home.