Three Reasons Expanding Some Windows in Your Home Is a Great Idea

Long cold winterExpanding some windows to make them larger or create more livable space in your home can be a great way to go about this home improvement project. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider expanding at least some of the windows in your home.

1. It can capitalize on a great view.

Maybe when you moved in or the house was first built the view beyond the family room was minimal. A couple of double hung windows on one side might have been adequate. Now, though, your garden, shrubbery, or landscaping is great to look at.

That means a picture window, bay window, or bow window that is much larger than the two double hung windows you have now could capitalize on that view.

2. More fresh air.

If you have small windows, the screens you have now are narrow spaces for fresh air to move through. Expanding those windows can allow more fresh air to move throughout your house. That can create a healthier home environment.

3. More light.

By allowing more light into your home, you can create a different ambience and capitalize on it with better interior decor. Of course, it’s always going to depend on your personal preferences and tastes, but when you increase the size of the windows in your home and then rely on wood shutters, you can control the amount of light that gets in every single minute of the day.

With low-e film coating, you won’t have to worry about excessive heat in the summer as this type of film coating cuts down on the amount of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation that penetrates into your home, which generally increases heat and helps to fade carpeting, rugs, and furniture.