EnerView glass options are designed and engineered using advanced technology. This not only keeps the harsh elements outside from affecting the comfort of your home inside, but saves you money by conserving energy while keeping your home protected from unhealthy mould and mildew. Our EnerView Low emissivity (LoE) glass and gas fill options allow you to customize your windows to increase your comfort while saving on energy costs.

Engineered to keep you comfortable at all times

Glass is approximately 75% of the exposed area of a window, so it plays an important role in determining energy efficiency and the comfort level in your home. Our EnerView Glass module is comprised of one or more glazing coatings that are sealed around the outside edge to better insulate your home from extreme weather, minimize condensation, reduce noise levels and help you save on energy costs. built for canadian weather

We’ve got you covered, wherever you live

Windows with EnerView glass coatings are ENERGY STAR® qualified for our geographic region. Our standard 180 glass package carries a Zone D or Zone C rating depending on the style of window. Windows with interior grids carry ratings of Zone C or Zone B.

LoE/Argon ENERGY STAR* Rating CSA Ratings
Casement C A3, B7, C5
Single Hung C A3, B5, C4
Double Hung C A3, B7, C3
Slider Lift Out C A3, B3, C3
Slider Tilt C A2, B2, C3
Fixed Picture D Fixed, B7, C5

Source – http://directories.csa-international.org/