Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and Out

Tips for Cleaning Your Windows in the Spring: Inside and OutIt’s such a refreshing feeling to stand inside your Toronto area home, look around, and see a completely spotless house. Even when the glass shows some signs of streaking or spotting, it can draw your attention to it immediately.

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s a great opportunity to focus on cleaning your house from top to bottom. One of the greatest challenges many homeowners face is finding a way to effectively clean their windows and keep them looking great throughout the year.

You don’t have to wait for spring to do a thorough spring cleaning on all of your windows. Below are several tips that can help you return the shine to older glass and also make them look great even when the sun is pouring through.

Use newspapers.

Newspapers are much better than paper towels when it comes to cleaning glass. When you use newspaper you’re not going to see the same streaking problems you would with regular paper towels. If you don’t have a squeegee, then newspapers are certainly the next best thing.

Mix your own cleaning solution.

You can certainly use a basic glass cleaner you purchase from the store, but you may want to make your own to save money. Just mix some water and ammonia together to clean the glass.

This can help you get a great shine and make sure the glass is thoroughly clean in every corner and along every frame.

Don’t forget the screens.

If your windows have screens on them, they may need a thorough washing. Remove them from the windows and pressure wash them with a hose. Any damage to the screen should be addressed and paired before returning them to the windows.

Any etching or pitting should be addressed right away.

If you notice the glass is etched, stained, or pitted, it may be time to consider replacing those windows as soon as possible. That is usually a clear sign of age. If those windows are at least 10 or 15 years old, they are well past time to be replaced, anyway.