Feel the Heat: If It’s Too Much in the Spring, It Can be Costing You a Lot during the Summer

It Can be Costing You a Lot during the SummerAs the days grow longer, the snow melts away, and the sun gets higher in the sky, many Toronto homeowners begin to bask in the heat generated by the sun. This can help reduce heating expenses in March and April, and sometimes in May. However, for those who can feel the heat in the spring, even though it feels gloriously wonderful, it could actually be costing them a lot more money during the summer months as well.

When the sun’s rays penetrate into a home, it’s usually through the windows. If the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is not blocked by the glass or any film coating on it, it will cause fading of the floor, carpeting, rugs, furniture, and other items. It will also produce a significant amount of heat.

When you reach the summer months, when the temperatures are climbing well into the 30s and the humidity levels are climbing, all of that extra heat is going to increase the temperature within the home. That often causes people to have to run the air conditioning systems.

Every minute that a central air conditioning system or even a window unit is running it’s costing the homeowner money on their utility bills. As the cost of electricity continues to climb year after year, the cost of staying cool also increases.

For any Toronto area homeowners who are considering replacement windows, it’s important to consider low-e film coating. This is a special film that is applied to the glass by the manufacturer that’s essentially undetectable to the naked eye, yet it can block out a significant percentage of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

It does this based on the angle of penetration (of the sunlight) into the home. That will not cut out the heat generated by the sun during the winter months, even though it’s already negligible.

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