Screen Replacement: When, Why, and How

install_01Replacing screens on windows may seem like a simple task, which is why so many homeowners throughout Toronto rush down to their local home improvement center and pick up a kit with a roller and rubber gaskets.

One of the major problems they come across, though, is figuring out how to get the screen to sit evenly within the frame. It’s not as easy as it looks, and many of these homeowners end up putting off screen repair as long as possible.

The when, why, and how.

The when is relatively simple: whenever the screens are damaged in any way. If a rock hit the screen, if something caught it while trying to clean it, or an animal such as a bird ran into it, the screen could become damaged. Even one small area of the screen that gets damaged could expose the entire house to mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other insects that are incredibly disturbing inside the home.

Any damage that is spotted on a screen, including runs or coming out of the frame should be addressed and repaired right away.

The why is also simple: to protect the home and allow the homeowner and other individuals there to enjoy fresh air when the weather turns nice without having to worry about insects getting in.

The how is not always as easy to answer. Picking up the same type of screen is the most important factor. For anyone who doesn’t have prior experience replacing or repairing a screen on their windows in the past, they are encouraged to contact a window professional.

Doing it wrong, having too much slack, not having the screen tight enough or aligned properly can impact the way they function and it can also affect the appearance of the windows.

It’s usually not a significant expense, so it’s well worth the investment to have the screens repaired professionally for your Toronto area home.