Home Security Systems, Entry Doors, and When to Consider Replacing Them

Wood Front Door InstallationYour Toronto home’s entry doors are the most significant aspect of security. If you have a home security system installed, then you have a second layer of protection for your home, possessions, and most importantly every family member who lives there.

Entry doors are like any other component of the house. They have a life expectancy and just because they may function properly doesn’t mean they’re in the top condition possible. The same holds true when you’re talking about a home security system.

Below are a few signs that can indicate it’s well past time to consider replacing your entry doors as well as the home security system.

It’s difficult to open or close the entry doors.

Whether you’re talking about a front door, a side door, or even a sliding glass patio door, if it’s getting difficult to push it open, or even tougher to close properly and get it to lock, it may be time to consider replacing it.

The home security alarm goes off randomly.

If you notice that when you engage the home security system the alarm goes off every once in a while seemingly randomly, on its own, it could be related to a short in the system. It could also be the result of the magnetic components not aligned properly due to old, warped, or worn out doors and windows.

Too much play in the entry doors.

When you have your front door closed, for example, if you notice it rattles or moves a lot, even when latched, it’s usually a sign that it has worn out to the point of being dangerous.

The handles are completely worn out.

If the door handles or even locking mechanisms are no longer in good condition, it could be placing your home and family in danger. If it appears as though the door handle is about to break off or the key doesn’t exactly open the lock easily any longer, it’s a sign of age.

For your entry doors, consider Platinum Windows and Doors. For your home security system, there are plenty of options available.