Now that Winter is Over, Do You Still Need Replacement Windows?

keep summer heat outDuring the heart of winter you might have considered the prospect of getting replacement windows for your Toronto home. Maybe you felt the cold drafts pouring through the glass, around the frame, and even along the outside portion of the window’s rough opening.

Now that winter has finally come to an end, you’re not feeling the drafts as much and you may be considering going back on your desire for new, replacement windows.

How important are replacement windows?

Even though you won’t be saving the same amount of money with replacement windows right now as you would have if you replaced them during December, for example, it’s still important for energy efficiency as well as improving your home’s appearance and value.

Summer is fast approaching now, even though it might not feel like it. By the time you figure out what type of windows you want for your home, order them, and have them installed professionally, it could very well be the end of April or heading into May. At that time, summer is really less than a month and a half away.

With low-e film coating, you could cut back on the intense heat generated by the sun during the summer months. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is responsible for increasing the heat within your home, which often forces homeowners to run the air conditioning more frequently. That can begin saving you money on your utility bills right away.

Another factor is appearance. When you have old, outdated windows, it can decrease the comfort you feel at home. When that happens, you may be missing out on a number of benefits that brand new windows offer.

While you certainly may be thinking about skipping the idea of replacement windows for now, avoid the temptation. If you knew they were important during winter, nothing has really changed. Now is the right time to look into this incredible home improvement opportunity.