Spring Cleaning and Noticing the Poor Condition of Your Toronto Home’s Windows: What to Do about It

Spring cleaningWhen you started going around your house this spring cleaning it, you might have noticed a number of problems you hadn’t paid attention to previously. You could see a crack on the concrete steps leading up to your front door. That will certainly need to be addressed.

You might have discovered some problems with your carpeting. That may also need to be addressed, especially if it is stained, worn out, and simply looking ragged. Another problem that many Toronto area homeowners discover when they set out to spring clean their home is the poor condition of their windows.

The most obvious reason why people notice these problems more during spring cleaning sessions is because that’s about the only time of the year they actually wipe down the windows and frames thoroughly. During winter, you might have had the windows closed and only wipe down the inside of the glass and avoided opening them or going outside to clean the outside portion.

However, this year you’ve noticed the glass seems to be etched and maybe even pitted. There seems to be dirt or stains on it that you can’t get off. Maybe the frames are in very poor condition.

The simple solution is to look at replacement windows.

If the idea of getting replacement windows for your Toronto area home leaves you shaking your head and thinking about the thousands of dollars you could be spending on other things instead, you’re not looking at it the right way.

The average vinyl window should last between 10 and 15 years. If your windows are at least that old, it’s well past time to consider replacing them. You should look at this as an investment opportunity. You can completely transform any room in your house with new replacement windows.

The best place to start looking into this potential home improvement project is at a qualified and quality window and door specialist. If you are looking for the right place to begin your journey, contact Platinum Windows and Doors.