Making a Room Feel Bigger Can Improve Your Mental Frame of Mind


make a room feel bigger
Bay Windows

Depending on the type of home you have, you may feel that certain rooms inside your house, condo, or even apartment complex feel small. No matter what you do, removing furniture, rearranging, painting the walls a lighter color, or anything else, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. You still feel as though the room is too small for you.

There are many ways to help create the illusion of more space, but only one of them will actually give you more space without having to completely knock out a wall and expand into another room.

This would require replacing your current windows with either a bay or bow window.

Bay and bow windows expand out away from the house. While they don’t create a tremendous amount of actual square footage of airspace, and certainly don’t impact the square footage of your home, they create the illusion of a more open atmosphere within that particular room.

These types of windows, because they extend away from the house, also provide a unique shelf space where you can place plants, picture frames, and any other trinkets or mementos that are important to you and fit your style. When you step into the room that suddenly has a brand new bay window, you’ll feel as though the entire room is larger than it was before. The way you arrange furniture will certainly have an impact on this feeling, but when you are tired of cramped quarters, sick of feeling like you have no room, and want to change the atmosphere in your home, replacing your old, boring double hung windows with bay, bow, or even a picture window can have a tremendous impact in this area.

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