Tips on How You Can Achieve the Most Natural Light Inside Your Home

Like most homeowners, the last thing you probably want is for your home to look like a dark and scary dungeon. And although artificial lighting does the job of making the rooms in your house look brighter, it still can’t compare to natural light.

Here are some things you can do to make sure that you’re using all the natural light you have at home to your advantage:

Position Mirrors Strategically

The best place to hang a mirror is the spot adjacent or opposite a window. When you place one adjacent to a window, it will mimic the window, making it seem like you have more windows in the room. On the other hand, if you place it opposite a window, the mirror will reflect light as well as the views from the window.

Add Some Reflective Decors

It could be a silver plate on your wall or a back-painted glass backsplash. Reflective surfaces bounce light around the room and give the illusion of having more light when windows are limited.

Paint the Ceiling a Lighter Colour

If you have white walls, then flat white for your ceiling is a good idea. However, if you have dark walls, you’ll do well to go for a slightly lighter shade on your ceiling. Why not white? Well, if the walls and floors in the room have a rich colour a white ceiling will actually feel a bit oppressive. Also, opt for matte paint because although it’s not reflective like glossy paint, it is an excellent choice for reflecting light.

Allow the Light to Come In

You want to avoid heavy and light-blocking curtains and blinds. If you don’t like the idea of bare windows, go for translucent shades that allow light into your home but still provide the privacy that you need. This will also lend a soft glow and bounce light into the wall adjacent to the shaded window.

Do Some Cleaning

Keep your light fixtures, as well as your windows sparkly clean. This will allow all the light that you do have inside the house shine their brightest!

Get High Quality Replacement Windows

Old and dingy windows have a way of making any room look darker and gloomier than it really is. One of the best ways to allow as much light in as possible is to get replacement windows with really good glass. EnerView-180 offers a perfect balance between blocking harmful rays and solar heat during summer and allowing the sun’s natural energy during winter while at the same time provide high levels of visible light. You can find the perfect windows at Platinum Home Design & Renovations! Make sure to give us a call if you wish to add more windows to your home or replace your old ones!

What do you do to maximize natural light in your space? Share your tips with us, too!