How Does an Energy-Efficient Window Work?

As more and more people become aware of energy-efficiency and energy-savings, home improvement decisions have gotten a bit confusing and overwhelming – especially when it comes to windows. When they mostly look the same way, how are some better than the others? What are the benefits of replacing windows?

To help you understand how window technology works nowadays, Platinum Home Design & Renovations present to you a breakdown of some of the efficiency features that top quality windows have to ensure you are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Glass Coating

Energy-efficient windows have a low-emissivity glass or LoE-glass which blocks the rays of the sun. This helps keep the heat inside when it’s cold and helps keep the heat outside when it’s hot.

How does LoE glass do it?

You see, the heat that is generated inside the house is called Long Wave Radiation. This type of radiation is useful and it should be kept in every room as best as possible. On the other hand, U rays and other harmful and unwanted radiation that is coming directly from the sun is effectively shielded and reflected back outside by EnerView’s LoE glass technology.

This patented LoE coating technology is found in every EnerView glass.  Aside from delivering year-round comfort, EnerView’s LoE coating also increases the window’s resistance to condensation.


Spacer System

To help keep windows thermally-efficient and to avoid condensation, Enerview windows from Platinum Home Design & Renovations make use of Super Spacer which is made of 100% polymer foam. It efficiently absorbs moisture and prevents condensation. A spacer also helps insulate your windows and keeps your home at an ideal temperature and helps keep your home quietly. The spacers we use outperform its competitors in the toughest durability tests in the industry.

Windows can be similar to a thermal hole if they do not have high quality glass, coatings, and spacers. In fact, some experts estimate that about a third of the money you spend on heating and air conditioning actually goes right out the window – literally.

With the newest technologies found in energy-efficient widows, you wouldn’t have to worry about all that. The only thing you need to think about is when you should get your old windows replaced! Enerview Windows are some of the best investments you can make! The benefits are all worth it!

Do you need more information on energy-efficient glass and replacement windows? Call Platinum Home Design & Renovations today!