Childproofing Your Windows at Home

Every homeowner wants to believe that their home is the safest place for them, especially if you are a parent. But did you know that most accidents and injuries happen at home?

The same way fire and water can be fatal hazards, especially for little children, windows actually pose a real threat, too. In fact, according to a recent study, the number of serious injuries to children who fell out of windows and had to be hospitalized is more than 5,000 every single year.

For children, falls are probably the most common accidents that occur at home.  It’s quite common for kids to play around without knowledge of the risks of trips, falls, and other accidents.

We, at Platinum Home Design & Renovations want you to be able to enjoy your windows and not dread or fear that they will be dangerous for your kids. Here are some tips that can help ensure safety with your windows:

Install Window Locks

Making sure that all the windows in the housed are childproof-locked is the most effective way to keep your children safe from accidental falls. You’ll find that there are a variety of window locks so you can surely find one that is suitable for your type of window.

Install Window Guards

These are grill-type protectors that will fit almost any size of window. If you have a baby or toddler at home, we strongly suggest that you get window guards for childproofing. These are great because small kids will not be able to open them but adults can easily open them in case an emergency occurs. You might be thinking, “Wouldn’t window screens work the same way?” Well, they couldn’t do the job alone.  Window guards are your best bet.

Childproof Your Window Blinds

Accidental strangulation from blind cords is more common than you think. If you still have old window blinds, consider replacing them with cordless shades. If it’s not an option at the moment, make sure that you keep the cords from your children’s reach.

Get Window Stops

Did you know that there are actually window accessories that can help control the opening size of your windows at home? Window stops are a good idea and they’re very easy to use.

Other things that you can do:

  • As soon as your child is old enough to understand, talk to him or her about the dangers of windows and heights.
  • Make sure there is no furniture near windows. Toddlers are very curious and furniture they can climb would be like an invitation to climb and check out the view from the window.
  • Never leave your kids unattended.

Old windows are potentially dangerous. Make sure you replace them with high-quality ones that are safer and more efficient. Reach out to Platinum Home Design & Renovations and we can help you choose the right windows for your home!