Cleaning Tips for Residential Windows

Cleaning the windows in your home can prove to be quite tedious. Naturally, you want to be sure that you’ll do it right the first time you do it. To help you out, here are some tips on cleaning windows efficiently.

Remove Dust Buildup

The first thing you should do is to remove any window treatments, including curtains and blinds. With a dust pan brush or broom in hand, brush around the corners of the window and window sill to remove dust.

Wash Your Window with a Sponge

When it comes to washing windows, remember that the fewer the suds, the better. So use a sponge and be careful not to use strong window cleaning solutions that can also be damaging to surrounding wall paint.

Remove Remaining Water

When you wash your windows, make sure that you remove any remaining water from the glass, even if they’re just droplets. Also dry the windowsill beneath the window.

Cloudy Days are Perfect for Washing Windows

Unlike most other chores that are done easier with direct sunlight, window cleaning would actually work better on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight can dry the windows a little too quickly. This can leave streaks on the glass.

Opt for a Homemade Cleaning Solution

Commercially available cleaning solutions do work, but it’s safer to make your very own solution. It’s very easy to do. Simply add two to three tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket of lukewarm water. If your windows are really dirty and greasy, you can make a solution of two tablespoons of ammonia or borax in a gallon of water. You can rinse using the water-vinegar solution.

These simple tips can help make sure that your window cleaning task will be a success! Do you want to make things even easier? Get replacement windows for your home! Platinum Home Design & Renovations offer windows with Neat Glass technology. What does that mean for you? It means no frequent exterior window cleaning needed! There’s a reason they’re called self-cleaning windows. Interested? Give us a call and we’ll talk about all the amazing features of our replacement windows.