Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows

At first glance, it may seem like bow windows and bay windows look alike. And in some ways, they are indeed, similar. Both can really open up a room and make it look bigger. Both let in more light. And last but not the least; both add instant glamour to any space.

So what are the major differences between bay windows and bow windows?

  • First of all, a bay window has three openings that are available in angled projections. Bow windows often have four or five openings.
  • Structure-wise, a bay window is made up of a picture window and two other smaller windows on either side. On the other hand, a bow window looks curved and often appears rounded on the outside.
  • The flat planes and angular lines of bay windows make them more suitable for modern homes. The semi-circular exterior structure of bow windows makes them the ideal choice for Victorian-style houses. Of course, both bay and bow windows would look amazing in just about any style of home.
  • Since bay windows only have three panels, they are usually smaller than bow windows which are wider.
  • Bow windows let in more light. This is because they have more glass panes compared to bay windows.
  • Bay windows protrude more from the wall out into the exterior of the house, creating more floor space on the interior.
  • Bow windows can be wrapped around building corners. They can form a unique turret shape on the outside and a cozy little nook on the inside.

Cost Difference

Usually, a bow window will cost about 2.5 times the cost of a similar flat window that also has the same opening size. It’s because a bow window isn’t considered a single window. Also, the installation of bow windows is more complex compared to the installation of regular bay windows.

The Difference They Can Make

Inefficient windows probably have air leaks. And while those air leaks may seem unimportant, your energy bills would disagree. Whether you’re going for a bow window or a bay window, make sure that you’re choosing Enerview windows. Enerview windows add beauty, charm, and energy-efficiency to your home. Reach out to one of our door and window experts at Platinum Home Design & Renovations.