Tell-tale Signs Your Door Needs a Replacement

Your front door is not just the main gateway into your home. It also makes up a large portion of your home’s curb appeal. Whether you like it or not, whatever its condition may be, your front door says a lot about you and the rest of your home – and it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

Any home’s front door has to be sturdy enough to make sure that all the harsh elements and intruders are kept out. It has to be beautiful to please you and your guests and if your selling, to look attractive for prospective buyers of your home.

If your home is a little old, chances are, it already needs a door replacement. If you’re not sure, here are some signs that tell you that you do need a new door:

Your Door is a Little Difficult to Close

Does it stick when you are trying to open your door? If you notice that it does, it’s a telltale sign that your door doesn’t fit its frame properly anymore. Depending on the material of your front door, changes in temperature, weather condition, and the passing of time can all cause warping. Slowly the shape of your door will be changed and trust us, it’s going to get worse.

There are Exposed Areas at the Top or Bottom or Down the Sides

A lot of homeowners look for front door replacement services when they begin to notice exposed areas down the sides of their door or when there’s light coming through the top and/or bottom. There may be a number of factors causing this, including warping, rotting, and mould or mildew.

Your Door has Insect or Water Damage

One of the most common reasons homeowners replace their doors is the existence of water or insect damage. This is even more common for those who live near the forest or in really humid areas. So if you live in a region where it always rains and it’s humid throughout the rain, you can expect that your door would last a shorter time compared to when you live in a drier environment.

Your Home Feels Drafty

Do you sometimes stuff a towel or an old sweater at the door’s foot just to keep cold air out? If so, then it means your door has either shrunk or receded. While this is still considered normal wear and tear for a door, this is a clear sign that your door is nearing the ends of its life. If you think that drafts are something that you can deal with, know that it’s also affecting your energy bill.

Your door plays an important role in your home. Even though it seems that finding a replacement door is not something that requires your urgent attention, once you notice the signs mentioned above, don’t put it off. If you’re ready to call a door replacement service, or if you want to see what your best options are, don’t hesitate to call Platinum Home Design & Renovations.