The Importance of Getting the Right Door and Window Installers

A lot of homeowners have no problem spending a fortune to make their home interiors more beautiful yet they tend to overlook how by simply choosing the right doors and windows can transform their home exterior.

You might not know it but entry doors are what people notice first about your home. That’s why if you’re thinking of ways to improve your home’s value, you should definitely consider replacing your door. You should also give windows some thought because not only they improve your home’s aesthetics but also offer protection from extreme weather.

But replacing doors and windows is not always for aesthetic reasons. Some do so to make their homes more comfortable. But more homeowners do it for financial reasons. While shelling out for new windows and doors may not seem like the way to save, you’re actually saving a lot in the long run. Of course, replacing old doors and windows will also allow you to get a higher price for your property if you decide to put it in the market someday.

Should you decide to get replacement doors and windows, make sure that you get the best products that are guaranteed to last you for a lifetime. Another important thing is making sure that your new doors and windows are installed properly so you can get the best out of them.

For instance, the windows and doors that you’ll find at Platinum Home Design & Renovations can provide you with incomparable performance and elegance, but they have to be installed by a seasoned Platinum installer. It’s the best way to ensure that they’ll work properly and meet your expectations.

It may seem like replacing your door and window by yourself is a good idea. You are used to doing some minor repairs at home, and installation couldn’t be that much harder, right? Not really. If you don’t have any previous successful experience in doing this, you can easily end up paying more than you would have if you have decided to hire a professional installer in the first place. For example, you might incorrectly or insufficiently put shims on the windows and this may result to the rain, snow, or wind getting inside your house easily.

Doors and windows have to be installed square and level with proper water barrier. They need to sealed and insulated correctly to avoid both air and water infiltration around the frame.

If your windows and doors are not installed properly, it could cause damage not only to the doors and windows themselves but to your home, too.

Faulty installations can result to mores costs than saving, especially if you are getting bay or bow windows. With the proper installation, these types of windows can really look elegant. But their installation is not an easy task and a simple miscalculation can be disastrous.

Hiring a trained professional to replace your doors and windows means that the work will be guaranteed. But even finding contractors who are properly trained to install windows can be a daunting task. In fact, there are thousands of renovators and contractors in Canada but sadly, most of them are not trained to install windows.

So who do you trust to handle your door and window installation?

Platinum Home Design and Renovations is part of the Window Wise Certification program. It independently audits and certifies the windows, the installation, as well as the contractor. It also unconditionally guarantees the installation for five years. Give us a call anytime and we’ll give you a FREE absolutely no obligation quote.