The Most Common Trap (and Mistake) Toronto Homeowners Make when Shopping for New Windows


Bow Windows
Bow Windows

There are so many mistakes homeowners can make when they take on various improvement projects, and when you’re talking about replacement windows, one of the most common is also a trap.

That would be shopping for the cheapest possible windows you can find. Why is this considered a trap? Most Toronto area homeowners simply don’t realize that replacing the windows is an opportunity to actually increase the assessed and overall value of their home. They see the windows that they have now and even though they may be old, worn out, the glass is etched or pitted, the frame is corroded, and has other issues, just replacing it with the cheapest possible windows you can find is not going to do anything to improve the look, feel, or value of the house.

However, there are some home improvement companies, especially large ones that have warehouse style facilities, that focus on luring people in with incredibly low prices on replacement windows.

The problem with these windows is they are incredibly low quality. In fact, the brand and type of windows that these companies offer are usually the same ones that homebuilders choose when they are trying to maximize their profit and don’t really care about the longevity of those windows.

These windows might look great in the store, especially in their shrink-wrapped packaging, but once they are installed and the homeowner begins to use them, they usually regret their decision.

The best way to avoid making this common mistake is to view replacement windows as one of the top five investments any homeowner can make. Then visit a quality window and door company, such as Platinum Windows and Doors. When you do, you will avoid that most common mistake that could cost you a great deal of money and increased home value in the future.