The 4 Most Common Window Styles in Toronto


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Bay Windows

When looking into replacement windows for your Toronto home, there are many choices available to you. The four most common are double hung, casement, picture windows, and bay windows.

The most common choice for most residential windows throughout Toronto is double hung. This is a type of window that has two halves that open, top and bottom. Usually the bottom slides up to allow fresh air to blow through a screen, but the top portion of the window can also be pulled down to allow fresh air in and still maintain privacy.

Many of the modern double hung windows that are available on the market today can be cleaned from inside the home (meaning the exterior part of the glass can be cleaned from inside).

A casement window is one that opens up along a hinge on one side of the frame. They can either open along the top, bottom, or one of the sides. They usually open using a crank handle but can sometimes rely on a lever and bar.

A picture window is a traditional style of window that is generally used to take advantage of the views beyond those windows. When looked at from inside the room, a picture window can appear to be just like a painting, especially if the exterior views are exquisite.

A bay window is one that comprises three independent windows, usually two smaller ones that angle out away from the house and a picture style window that connects the two. A bay window can create the illusion of more space within the room and can also provide shelf space for trinkets, pictures, and other mementos. Small plants can also be placed on this shelf.

When you’re shopping for new replacement windows for your Toronto home, consider all of the choices available to you, including a number of others such as single hung and bow windows. The more you know about all of the available windows, the easier it is going to be to make a choice that’s just right for you, your family, your home, and your budget.