The Increasing Importance of Storm Doors for Toronto Homeowners


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A storm door may not seem all that important to some homeowners. However, they are becoming increasingly important for not only security, but also to help protect the home against outside weather elements.

During the winter, harsh snowfall, sleet, hail, blizzards, high winds, and more can all abuse a home and its entry doors and windows constantly.

That storm door is designed to help protect your home against those harsh weather elements. It can also allow you the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air outside during the spring and summer months without being completely exposed to insects, wildlife, and other pollutants or allergens getting into your home.

If your house has a front door, side door, and maybe even a back door and none of those doors have storm doors as part of them, when you want to open the door and allow fresh air in, you basically open your house to whatever is outside and wants to get inside. A storm door, on the other hand, acts as a buffer or barrier. Most storm doors have the option of having the glass closed or open with a screen.

It’s like having an extra window in your house, but a significantly sized one at that.

When you’re looking to replace any entry doors in your home, it’s a good idea to consider adding a storm door. Not only will you be able to open the doors and leave them open without the fear of something getting in that you don’t want, it will also protect your door and home from torrential rains, hail, sleet, and other harsh weather conditions throughout the year.