3 Reasons Your Garage Door May be a Liability when it Comes to Security for Your Toronto Home

3 Reasons Your Garage Door May be a Liability when it Comes to Security for Your Toronto HomeYou might not realize it, but your garage door may actually be a liability when it comes to security. Many people have a tendency to focus on their windows and entry doors when it comes to securing home. This is especially true for those homeowners who have automatic garage door openers.

If your garage is attached to the house and connected through a doorway, if the garage door itself does not close properly, is not locked down, or somebody gains access to the garage door opener’s frequency, they could get into your home relatively easily.

Just take a moment and go out and check the door the your house to the garage. You’ll probably notice it isn’t one of the strongest you could possibly have there. It may only have a basic door handle with a simple lock. It’s certainly not anywhere in the same category as a front door or exterior door.

If somebody gets into your garage through a faulty garage door, they could have access to your entire house relatively easily. Here are three reasons why your garage door might actually be a liability right now.

1. You keep your garage door opener easily accessible in your car.

If you run to the store quickly, don’t lock your car, or your garage door opener is on the visor or somewhere else in the car that’s easily spotted from outside, an experienced thief can steal the code and frequency, reprogramming their own garage door opener to gain access into your home. Then they might follow you home and then wait until nobody’s around.

2. A garage door lock is relatively easy to break open. Somebody who has experience picking locks would probably have an easier time opening your garage door than trying to get through a three bolt front door system.

3. Automatic garage door openers can have a tendency to glitch. That means your garage door could suddenly open when you’re away on vacation, at work, or anywhere else. It can be caused by the right frequency in the area, a bug in the system, or some other problem. If that happens, your garage and everything in it is exposed to somebody who may want to steal from you. It also exposes your house.

Make sure your garage door is secured and install a much more secure doorway between the garage and your house.