Considering a Porch Enclosure? 3 Reasons this Might Make a Great Investment

York Porch EnclosureIf you’ve been kicking around the idea of building a porch enclosure at your house, it could very well be a wonderful idea. After all, your outdoor living space can be incredibly beneficial during the summer months.

Many people focus on an outdoor living space that consists of a deck, patio, comfortable lounge chairs, eight quality grill, and more. If that’s the case for you, you may be completely content with that outdoor living space, but what about when there are insects and mosquitoes and gnats that are flying around and annoying you?

You could rely on bug spray, but most people realize it’s only effective at keeping them from actually landing on your skin. They can still bother you and some may find clear landing areas and bite.

Porch enclosures are extremely popular in the southern portion of the United States, especially where heat and humidity run rampant. In Toronto or the surrounding area, it may not be in demand to the same degree.

However, here are three reasons why a porch enclosure can make a great investment.

1. You can enjoy fresh air anytime of the year. Even during a rain event, you can sit in your enclosed porch listening to it fall and stay safe and dry.

2. It keeps the bugs from you. During those hot, humid summer days when insects are frantically searching for some nourishment, you’ll be protected within the comfort of your porch enclosure.

3. They can add value. A porch enclosure can actually add size to your home, thus increasing the value of it. Depending on the type of porch enclosure you get, that will have a direct impact on the actual assessed value you can gain from it.

Keep in mind, though, when you choose to add a porch enclosure to your home, you should choose replacement windows that are easy to open, allow fresh air in with a scream, and also contain low-e film coating that can protect against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation that fades furniture and generates heat. This will make your outdoor living space much more comfortable.