4 Things You Should Know about Energy Efficiency when Shopping for Replacement Windows in Toronto

check for leaking windowsShopping for replacement windows in Toronto is no different than anywhere else, but one thing you should understand before making any type of decision is what energy efficiency is really all about. Here are four things you should keep in mind and understand about energy efficiency with regard to replacement windows that can help you make the right decision for your home, family, and budget.

1. Energy efficient windows mean fewer drafts. When you have drafts through your windows during the winter, that’s money just pouring out. Every degree you heat your home is costing you money, especially if you have drafty windows. The more energy efficient a window is, the more money you can save every month on your heating expenses throughout the winter.

2. Energy efficiency should be a year-round consideration. While spring and fall may see fewer heating days and maybe even a couple cooling days, depending on how warm and humid it gets, every time you have to cool your house during the summer and heat it during the winter you are consuming energy. Don’t just base energy efficiency on winter’s heating expenses.

3. Windows have two basic energy efficient ratings. An R-value and U-value. Understand what these mean and refer to so that you can choose the right type of windows, materials, insulation, glazing, and other options that will be optimal for you and your budget.

3. Consider low-e film coating. Low-e film coating is a thin, transparent film that is added to the glass during the manufacturing of the windows that cuts back on a significant portion of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The sun’s UV rays are what generates heat inside the home and can also fade furniture. This film coating helps protect against that by blocking a significant percentage of that ultraviolet radiation.

This will mean fewer cooling days for you during the summer, thus saving you money on your utility bills during that season.