Low-E May Be Your Last Thought During Winter

check for leaking windowsDuring winter, you’re probably more concerned with saving as much money as you can on your heating expenses, so you’re not even thinking about summertime heat. Sure, you’d love some of that nice, warm summer air and sunlight to be pouring into your house, but that’s just not a thought your entertaining at the moment.

You also may not be thinking much about replacement windows. If you are, maybe you’re worried about the drafts you feel every day.

How many drafts do you feel?

If your windows are older in your home, you probably feel a lot of draftiness throughout the house. You keep hearing the furnace kick on every few minutes and it causes you a bit of a groan every time. You know it’s just more money you have to spend on natural gas, propane, or home heating oil.

If you begin shopping around for replacement windows, you may be focused on energy efficiency, at least in regard to cutting down on those drafts. The last thing on your mind this time of the year would be low-E film coating.

It’s an important consideration to make.

Many homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and all throughout Ontario, don’t have central air conditioning like our counterparts in the United States. We don’t rely on air conditioning too much because the summers are not so hot that we can’t deal with it.

However, you probably noticed during the summer your home heating up a lot, especially during the afternoon hours when the sun gets free reign to pour into your house. If that causes any discomfort for you or you have a tendency to close the blinds, shutters, or curtains as a way to keep the sun from heating the interior of your house, consider low-E film coating.

This is an additive that is completely clear and you won’t even notice it’s there. It can reduce a lot of the heat penetrating into your house by blocking those heat generating ultraviolet rays.