How Long Should You Shop Around for Replacement Windows?

Man holding a clock in his hand.

When you’re considering replacement windows for your home, how long should the process take? Some people rush down to their local home improvement megastore, pick out windows that are the same size, style, and the cheapest one they can find, and go home and wait for the installer to arrive in a couple of weeks.

They don’t want to be bothered with shopping around.

Well, for those homeowners, they’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. Replacing the windows and doors in a home should be done at least every 15 years. It’s about the average life expectancy for quality windows. The lower the quality of the window, the shorter its life expectancy.

That doesn’t mean they’re going to break after 15 years, but they won’t be protecting the interior the home from the outside cold air during the winter, they may not be as easy to open and close, and the hardware may be compromised, leading to safety and integrity issues.

This home improvement project is an opportunity to make major changes. Since it only happens on average every 15 years, it deserves more than just a cursory look.

Even for homeowners thinking about selling their home soon, investing in quality windows, taking your time to consider different styles or increasing or decreasing the size of windows in certain rooms in the house can have a direct and positive influence on the assessed value of the house when you go to sell it.

It’s best to take some time and visit a window and door specialist. They will have the highest quality windows from the best manufacturers. They will have samples you can see and be able to help you envision how those windows will look in your home.

It’s a good idea to think about your decision carefully. Develop a budget. Envision how the windows will look in your house. Talk it over with your family.

Some people can make a comfortable decision the same day, but others may take several weeks. However long it takes for you to make that kind of decision is fine, as long as you consider all of your options first.