Cost-Savings Solutions for Your Home’s Heating Bill this Winter

reasons this year is the best time to replace your windowsEvery winter it seems to get worse. You cringe whenever you go get the mail and your utility bills. Or perhaps you have to call for another oil refill in your tank for your home heating system. You’re dreading what price it’s going to be.

Every winter it seems to get worse. That’s not an overstatement. It is getting worse. The cost of heating a home in Canada continues to increase each and every year. There’s got to be something you can do about it, right?

What about replacing the windows in your house?

Have you ever considered that?

The average life expectancy for windows is about 12 to 15 years. As they get older, the seal between the glass, the glazing, begins to break down. They are no longer as energy-efficient as they were when they were brand new.

When that happens, more heat is escaping from your house. That makes it even more difficult for you to stay on top of things, keep your home comfortable, and avoid overspending.

What happens if you replace those windows now?

If you were to take on a home improvement project like replacing the windows and doors in your house, you may see it as an incredible expense. It might cost you $5,000 or $10,000 to completely replace all of the windows and doors in your home, including the front door.

However, you will begin to notice the savings immediately. The first month you will see your home heating oil lasting for a lot longer. The heating system is going to turn on as often. The bill will be lower.

That’s because more heat will stay inside your house.

40 percent of your home’s heat escapes through drafty windows and doors. When you get energy efficient replacement windows, just calculate how much money you could actually save. Depending on the quality of the window, you could potentially save 90 percent by replacing old, drafty windows. 90 percent of 40 is a lot of money saved winter after winter after winter.