What is Low-E and Should You Consider it for Your Replacement Windows?

window2When you live in Toronto and you’re thinking about getting replacement windows for your home, there will be plenty of options. Sure, you want energy efficient windows, but what about Low-E?

This is a new innovation, a coating, that can be added to glass to help protect the home from excessive heat during summer. Most homeowners in Toronto might not even think about that as being a problem.

In order to determine whether Low-E coating is right for your home, understand what it is and what it can do for you and your utility bills.

What Low-E really is.

Essentially, Low-E is a type of film that you won’t even notice on your windows that will block a high percentage of UV rays (ultraviolet radiation) from the sun. It’s these UV rays that cause your home to heat up during the summer months. It’s also the aspect of sunlight that gives you that tan you love.

Those UV rays are also responsible for the fading of carpeting, your car’s finish, and even paper and other items. If you notice that one part of your house’s exterior paint appears to be lighter than the other, it’s probably the side of the house that is exposed to the direct sunlight throughout the year, which is south and west.

Low-E is specially designed to block a majority UV rays, helping your home to stay cooler during the summer. This will help you save a lot of money on your cooling bills.

Is it worth it for homes in Toronto?

You just don’t want to sacrifice those heat generating sun rays during the winter, when warmth is rare, so maybe you’re willing to deal with the excessive heat of summer.

Low-E coating is designed to allow those same rays to enter the home when the sun is at a lower angle, such as you’d find during the winter.

So even during the late evening hours of the summer days, you’ll notice that the sun’s heat will get through a bit more than when it’s high in the sky. It all has to do with the angle, so during the winter, you can still enjoy some of the heat that the sun will bring to your home, but you’ll be able to save money in the summer by not having to keep cooling your house as much.

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