Why Entrance Doors Are More than Just for Looks

Upgrade Your Front DoorWhen you look at an entrance door to a home, you’re likely only thinking about how it looks. While curb appeal is important, it’s not the only thing you should be thinking about.


Consider that your entry doors are one of the most important points in your home as far as security is concerned. With cheap doors, you might not be protecting your home or your family properly.


You may struggle to open your entrance doors when coming back home. Fiddling through your pockets for the keys, finally getting all of the deadbolts undone, and then forcing the door open because it’s old and not fitting properly in the frame.

This can happen to your front door, side door by the driveway, or even a patio door. Time, humidity, tough winters, and hot summers all play a role in warping doors over time. So does usage. The more that you use your entrance doors, the more they will wear out.

If you’re forced to put too much effort into opening and closing a certain doors, then you’re going to default to a different way in.


Most of the heat and cool air in your home is lost through the windows and doors. This means that when you have a thin door that isn’t properly insulated or doesn’t have weather stripping around it, you could be spending a lot more on your heating bills during the winter or cooling expenses during the summer than you need to be.

Get entrance doors for your home that make a difference. A strong, solid door will not only be more secure, it will protect against the weather outside as well. They should be solid, durable, and have a strong locking system on them. They should also be smooth to open and close and seal when closed.

If you need new entrance doors for your Toronto home, contact Platinum Windows and Doors today. We’ll help you find the ideal match for your personal style and your home.