2 Key Reasons it’s Time to Consider Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners consider getting replacement windows for their home. Depending on the age of your existing windows, it may be well past time to consider replacing them.

Let’s talk about two of those key reasons.

First Key Reason

You’ve noticed drafts coming through your windows or around the frames. This is usually a sign that your windows are either old or the seal that is used to protect against the cold air during the winter has failed.

Does that mean you need to replace the windows? Not necessarily. You may be able to have them resealed, but that expense may not be worth it if the condition of your windows is poor, if they are old and outdated, or if they are in a general state of disrepair.

Drafty windows can be costing you and your family hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling expenses every single month. You might not realize how much it can cost to heat your home during the winter because of those drafty windows, but when you have brand new replacement windows, you’ll notice it by the next heating season.

Second Key Reason

You might be keeping your window curtains closed during the day because you’re embarrassed by the condition of your windows. If you have a tendency to keep the drapes or blinds closed when you have company coming over, then this could be due to old windows that you just don’t want your guests to see.

When this happens (and it happens a lot more often than you might think), then you’re going live in a darker environment. You’re not going to enjoy your home as much, and sunlight won’t be getting in and filling your home with warmth, or improving your mood.

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