Is Impact Resistant Glass Worth the Investment for Toronto Area Residents?

Broken Glass, Fixing the Problem or Replacing the Windows in Your Toronto HomeThe moment you begin shopping around for replacement windows for your Toronto area home you may come across what’s known as ‘impact resistant glass.’ Another term for these types of windows are hurricane windows. For the most part, these are much more popular in the south and southeast portions of the United States.

In fact, throughout most of Florida, coastal communities are required to install hurricane windows whenever they build new construction or replace their old, outdated windows. They are considerably more expensive than your regular replacement windows, and some people in the Greater Toronto Area and other portions of Canada end up relying on them for some pretty good reasons.

Safety and security.

Impact resistant glass does not mean unbreakable. The glass will break. The main difference is it won’t shatter and fall apart. This can provide a great deal of safety and security and even comfort to some Toronto area homeowners.

For those homeowners who may have been victims of break-ins in the past, impact resistant glass may be something to consider. A determined individual will be able to rip apart the strong film that holds the glass in place, but in most circumstances when somebody takes a crowbar, a piece of wood, or even a hammer to break the glass and they realize its impact resistant, they will most likely move on to a less secure home.

Each homeowner has to make the determination about whether or not impact resistant glass is worth the investment. Most homeowners throughout the Greater Toronto Area don’t believe it’s so. For those who may be interested, they can certainly get the type of windows they want, even if they may have to wait a few extra weeks or months for their order to come in.

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