The Difference between a Replacement Window and a New Construction Window

install_01A common question many homeowners have when they begin looking at replacement windows is the difference between a replacement window and a new construction window. This is actually a simple question to answer.

A new construction window is one that is specifically designed for a home that is being built at that time. A replacement window is designed to fit in a frame that has already been constructed.

A new construction window is not something the average homeowner is going to be shopping for. They will only be looking at these windows when they are building their own home or having it built for them. A replacement window can be ordered to the exact size of the rough opening of the existing window, so even if that existing window is an odd size, a custom sized window can replace it perfectly, ensuring proper insulation and seal.

If you are beginning to look into replacement windows for your Toronto area home, you may be tempted to look at some of those home improvement superstore’s that advertise incredibly low prices on replacement windows. This is likely where you begin to hear that term ‘new construction window.’

Keep in mind that construction companies often purchase the same exact type of windows you’ll find at these home improvement superstore’s. Why would they do that? Because they are the cheapest ones they can find. That means they’re not of the best quality nor do they offer the same type of energy efficiency that you might be able to get with a quality replacement window.

When you want to save money on your heating bills in the future, focus on quality replacement windows, the kind you can find at Platinum Windows and Doors. If you cut corners now you’ll be paying for it in the future.