Exterior Doors in the Greater Toronto Area

Upgrade Your Front DoorExterior doors do more than simply secure your home; they can also help you save on energy costs and add to the curb appeal of your home. The best way to get all of these benefits in your doors is by selecting from the wide range of exterior doors available from the design and installation experts at Platinum Home Renovations.

The easiest way for any criminal to gain access to your home is through an old, worn, or damaged entry door. Replacing an existing door with a new model featuring energy efficient glass will lower your home energy costs as well.

To many homeowners, choosing a new exterior door is a daunting task; they are not sure what questions to ask, what material to look for, or even what features they want. The right company will walk you through the entire process. For more than 20 years, Platinum Home Renovations has distinguished itself with high quality exterior doors in the Greater Toronto Area. Our sales team and design professionals can help you choose a door that fits your style and budget. We will even install your new door for you; this is scheduled at a date and time most convenient for you.

At Platinum, we understand that you want a door that matches or enhances your home’s architecture, and provides the most value through overall durability. You don’t want to drive to a store and pick the best of a limited selection. We have a convenient showroom in Toronto, on Markham Road. Our design experts will work with you to select the perfect door.

As one of Ontario’s premier window and door suppliers, we pride ourselves on high quality products and happy customers. We educate each of our customers on the best kind of door for their home and which options will be most cost efficient. Many people are pre-occupied with designs, but materials are equally as important. When it comes to the best glass for exterior doors, quality means Low-E Argon glass. Argon gas is embedded in a microscopically thin layer of transparent metal or metallic oxide, which is then placed on top of the glass. This results in glass that reduces the transmission of UV rays and radiant heat loss, thereby lowering home energy bills and saving money in the long run.

Platinum Home Renovations services many locations around the Greater Toronto Area such as Scarborough, Vaughn, Mississauga, Ajax, and more. All of our service technicians are never more than a phone call away when you need the best rates for doors and windows. Call us today at 1-416-609-0102 for a free quote. To see a wide range of styles and colors, visit our showroom in Toronto at 3001 Markham Road, #16. Call to make an appointment.