Winter Window Installation

installn_01As Canadians running a Canadian company, we here at Platinum Home Renovations have learned to embrace the winter months. In fact, our professional installers will come out in the middle of winter to install your windows and doors. Often people don’t realize that we can actually do window installations in the winter months. Here are some tidbits of information and a few tips to help you prepare if your windows need repair or installation in the cold.

There is not much difference in installing windows during the winter months apart from possible snow and wind hindering the process. Some products, such as spray foam, can work differently in extreme cold. If the temperature is too low we will reschedule the installation to make sure your windows are installed during proper conditions.

Our professional installers are experienced and work quickly. We do everything in our power to minimize exposure of your home to the elements during colder temperature jobs. Whenever possible we will use tarps to close off open areas to prevent excessive heat loss.

Wind chill can also be a factor. As you know, it wouldn’t be Canada without the wind! We can always expect there to be a few days where the wind chill is bitterly cold. This affects our installers drastically. We care about our people and working in extremely cold temperatures can be unsafe. If they’re unable to work safely because the wind chill is extreme we will contact you to reschedule your installation for a warmer day.

As a homeowner, there are several things you can do to prepare for your installation – no matter what time of year – that will speed up the entire process.

Move lamps, sofas, and any other furniture away from windows or doors that are being replaced. Our installers need about two feet of workspace.

Completely remove any fragile items or décor you have in the area. It’s best to move them out of the room where the work is taking place.

Remove any existing window coverings. This includes, curtains, blinds, interior shutters, etc.

These simple steps will get us in and out faster so you can enjoy your new windows and doors right away. Call us today for a free estimate and design advice.